Top 10 of 2016: #1 Beyonce (featuring Kendrick Lamar) - Freedom 

Beyonce (featuring Kendrick Lamar) - Freedom

Listen, I make no bones about being a Bey fan. When Destiny’s Child reunited at the Super Bowl, I was riveted. You just can’t doubt the woman’s talent.

I took way too long to listen to Beyonce’s Lemonade. It’s got at least three great tracks.

Hot damn. This is just so good. It’s angry, in a year when we need women to be angry. It’s an anthem for black women, in a year when we need black women to be angry. Yet, it’s still very much a Beyonce track.

It’s got a fantastic, 60s tinged beat. And a fantastic verse by everyone’s favorite guest star, Kendrick Lamar.

This is the best I can do … do yourself a favor and go buy it on iTunes or your music service of choice.