Revisiting Harmontown on the Nature of Art 

Back in September, I mentioned a Harmontown podcast that delved into the nature of art. It’s a pretty great, moving conversation between Dan Harmon, Kumail Nanjiani, and Jeff Davis on art (and what art is), emotions, inspiration, and a variety of other topics.

Thankfully, someone snipped about 12 great minutes of the conversation and put it on SoundCloud. I’ve embedded it below.

There’s a great moment right at the beginning with Kumail talking about seeing Michelangelo’s David, realizing that he did that at the age of 29, and immediately going online and canceling his pre-order for GTA5. Such a razor-sharp modern reaction to seeing someone’s amazing art and realizing that many of us just piss away our time.

Also, to quote:

I saw the David and I was like “everyone can have one great day, what else you got?”, and you see the Sistine Chapel and you’re like “oh, ok, also this. Also this.”

Really, give these 12 minutes a listen. If you like it, track down the full podcast and listen to the next 20 minutes, which are also just great.

For me, it has served as a much needed spirit lifter at the end of a couple of hard weeks (much like my first keytar bear sighting yesterday).