Light, in the midst of a generally awful week ... 

In the middle of what has been a week from hell, I’ve at least stumbled upon a very entertaining podcast, Wits.

Wits is a sort of adorably goofy variety show, an SNL- or Daily Show-lite, with a celebrity guest, skits (involving said celebrity guest), and a musical act. It’s not the funniest show, or the most daring. It’s just two parts clever, one part “aww shucks”, with a little bit of edge tossed in.

There are moments when you wince at the forced humor, or, if you listen to a few shows in a row, when they go back to the well for a repeated joke.

But, mostly, you just kind of grin at their goofiness of the “Pop Song Correspondence”, when they act out the other side of a famous song. The best, and what hooked me on the show, is Kristen Schaal as the Horse from Horse With No Name. I don’t want to ruin it. It’s good.

Take a gander through their episodes, grab a couple that have guests or artists you like, and give a listen.