I've held off writing about the tragedy in Boston, mostly because I'm still processing my thoughts. It hit close to home both literally (Boston, friends and family in the marathon) and figuratively (one day before the anniversary of the Virginia Tech tragedy). I'll have some thoughts to share at some point.

But, in the interim, here I am, glued to Twitter and reddit at 4am in the morning (with the television on as background noise) watching one of the most insane things I have ever seen unfold. I had fallen asleep on the couch watching TV, got up to head to bed, checked twitter, saw the MIT shooting, and thought "wow, that's close to home and such unbelievably bad timing."

And I stayed up just long enough to watch it develop into a manhunt and potential capture of the marathon bombers.

The Boston Globe/ are doing unbelievably great coverage. As are all sorts of folks on Twitter. TV news lags far behind.

We live in a new media world.

Emotionally, psychologically, I'm vacillating between being numb to the immense and disproportionate amount of damage these assholes have perpetrated; to being angry/excited to see them brought to justice; to being nervous that this is all happening just a couple of miles from my house, literally in an area I go nearly once a week.

It's now 4:03am. I've been watching this for nearly 6 hours. There's a good chance I may have to watch it for a while longer to see it brought to whatever conclusion it will reach. I'll process what I've seen later, but it has been a remarkable (not necessarily in a good way, but still remarkable) week.