Top 10 of 2012: #7 Walk the Moon - Anna Sun 

Walk the Moon - "Anna Sun"

It's March, and you show up early to a concert, not knowing the opening band. You're shocked to see the place much fuller than you'd expect, and with a bunch of folks obviously way, way into the band. The band on stage is not one you'd necessarily be into, nor would you expect to see them opening for the band you're there to see (the Kaiser Chiefs). They've got glow in the dark facepaint, and a heavy dose of synths, and a fanbase that probably knows Bieber more than Kaiser.

But … each song you hear is catchier than the last. You find yourself tapping along to each song, then swaying along, then bouncing along.

Pretty soon, you're texting your tardy fellow concert goers that they should try to get there soon, because the band on stage is pretty good.

The band finishes up the set with "Anna Sun", one of the absolute catchiest songs you'll ever hear, a song that does pretty much everything exactly right. Infectious melody and chorus, shimmery guitars, driving drum beat and bass, all building to a big sing along chorus.

Finally, you then spend the next few weeks playing the song over and over again on Spotify and embarrassingly telling everyone you've heard the song of the year.

Turns out it was the seventh best song of the year. But it's still pretty awesome.