Nifty Dorky Stuff of the Week 

A quick update this Sunday, as I've just spent an hour or so dorking around with a couple of scripts/tips/techniques that crossed my radar this week.

Archiving tweets

Dr. Drang at pieces together an IFTTT recipe plus some python to give you a nice archive of your Tweets. If you're a big dork, it's worth the 20 minutes to get it all pieced together, so you can have a text file with all of your tweets. If you need some help pulling an archive of your tweets, there are some nice apps / tools / scripts to help you do that (or drop me an email).

But now I've got every stupid thought I put into Twitter sitting in a text file so I can go back and relive my inanity.

Quick fuzzy string-matching for file editing

Internet-dork-hero Brett Terpstra puts together a nice little ruby script to quickly let you find and edit text files (in the editor of your choice), based on a partial file name. It'll come in handy for those folks who don't do a good job remembering either the location or the name of that script they were working on.

Now, if someone could just help me figure out a way to get Coda 2 to let me do the Quick Search on sshfs mounted volumes, I'd be a happy nerd. (I'm guessing I need to get Spotlight to index the volumes, which I haven't been able to do yet).