The Reallllllly Magic Scenario 

Almost everything that needed to happen to get Virginia Tech into the BCS Championship game happened.

Except one thing.

Auburn lost to Alabama.

Which kinda blows the whole thing up. Sure, Clemson losing twice didn't help, but it wasn't killer. And it would have been helpful for Notre Dame to beat Stanford.

But none of those were killer. Those were all nice to haves.

The must have was Auburn defeating Alabama. And it didn't happen, leaving my Hokies' chances of a BCS title bid much, much, much thinner.

They are, however, non-zero.

First, the Hokies need to take care of business and defeat Clemson to lock up the ACC Championship. Oklahoma needs to show some pride and beat Oklahoma State for the Big 12 title.

Those two events should move Virginia Tech into 3rd in the BCS standings. It's not definite—but that would be likely. Then we need some voter angst. Not wanting to pit Alabama, who didn't even win their division, in a rematch against LSU for the title. Maybe Georgia knocks off LSU in the SEC Championship game, taking a guaranteed bid, and the voters get cold feet about basically having two non-conference champs facing off for the title.

That's our best bet. It's unlikely, but there's a small chance everything could fall the Hokies' way.

Given that, they better take care of Clemson next week. ACC Champions. That's goal #1.