The Magic Scenario 

#10 Virginia Tech defeats North Carolina, Virginia

#9 Clemson defeats NC State, South Carolina

#8 Arkansas defeats LSU, loses to Miss. St.

#7 Oregon loses to USC or Oregon St. (or both)

#6 Oklahoma loses to Baylor, defeats Oklahoma St.

#5 Boise State lost to TCU

#4 Stanford lost to Oregon, ideally would lose to Notre Dame or Cal

#3 Alabama loses to Auburn

#2 Oklahoma State loses to Oklahoma, loses Big 12 Championship too?

#1 LSU loses to Arkansas, loses to Georgia in SEC Championship too?

If all of that can happen, then the Clemson/VT ACC Championship game should be between two top-5 teams. If VT wins that, they should have a clear path to play Houston in the greatest BCS Championship game ever.

Hey, it could happen … McWorld!!!