Google Wants Me to Rename My Wireless Network 

File this one in the Google tenet of "Do No Evil", right?

"We're introducing a method that lets you opt out of having your wireless access point included in the Google Location Server. To opt out, visit your access point’s settings and change the wireless network name (or SSID) so that it ends with "_nomap." For example, if your SSID is "Network," you‘d need to change it to "Network_nomap."

So, if I don't want Google to map my (private) wireless network, I need to change the name of my network, and go around and update the 15+ wireless devices that I have around the house? How about if I want you to map my wireless network, I change it to "_map"? Wouldn't that be more fair?

(I realize that arguing about Google mapping a radio signal that's broadcasting from my house is sort of pointless, but this is more of a principle thing.)

Just another sign of Google's growing tone deafness.

(Via Search Engine Land.)