My Top Ten Songs of 2008 

Over the rest of the year, I'll be rolling out my top 10 songs of 2008. Here's my general rules (though I don't always follow them):

  1. No more than one song per artist
  2. The song had to come out in 2008

I made a couple of exceptions on my 2007 list for songs that leaked in 2007 that are really 2008 songs (Fleet Foxes, Vampire Weekend). There's a good chance that I'll repeat a couple from 2007 on my 2008 list because they were *that* good.

This year's list will lean heavily (again) towards the pop and indie rock. I didn't hear nearly as much hip hop this year as I normally do, so my top ten will lack some of the normal variety it has. But, they're still all good tunes that you should listen to.

And as always, your tastes probably vary from mine, so feel free to tell me what I'm missing and tell me why I'm dumb.