Late to the game on Lily Allen 

I'm sometimes a little late to the game when the new band blows up on MySpace or the mp3 blogs (though I've found that helps me keep up a bit better). I also keep an eye on Ben Loves Music, which overlaps my musical tastes pretty well (and since he's a DJ, it means that I can find a place where I'll know the words to all of the songs).

Anyway, point being, Lily Allen's been all over the place and I just hadn't bothered to check her out. Mostly out of sheer laziness.

I'm reading my RSS feeds (at some point I'll throw up an OPML file of the feeds I read), and there's a post about the latest setlist ... I start reading because it starts with Weezer's "No One Else", which is a great tune and one I'd never expect to hear played. Five tracks later I'm floored -- Lily Allen covering the Kaiser Chiefs' "Oh My God" ... this I have to hear.

So a few Google searches later and a trip to a couple of blogs to find the song, I've got it downloaded. And it just flat out rules the school. Enough to make me go check out a bunch more of her stuff. What I've heard is good. Very Brit-pop mixed with hip-hop mixed with a metric ton of sugar. I'll probably add it to the list of things to try and pick up (like Ambulance LTD's new EP) in the next week or so.

(Or maybe I'll finally just get myself the disposable credit card number so I can start using