Glutton for Punishment 

Like 1 week after iTunes eats my ratings, I take some poker winnings and go grab myself a 30GB video iPod.

It's nice.

The battery lasts much longer than my old iPod, which means I can get through an entire day at work on one charge, which is nice. Obviously, it plays video, which means I got to finally watch the Stephen Colbert/White House Correspondents Dinner speech from a couple of weeks back. And it's about half the size of my old iPod.

Now, I just need to figure out what I'm going to do with the old guy. I think I'm going to figure out some way to permanently wire it into my car. I've already got a car charger (not as easy to find, given that this is a 2G iPod with a straight-up FireWire connector), so I think I'll find some place, wire it in, and then use the inline remote to control it. Another project to add to the list.

Oh, and the sun is out. I'd forgotten what it looked like.