Invasi .... [snore] 

I'm trying. Really, I am. Invasion, the show that airs after Lost, has a decent premise, some moderately interesting characters, and ok writing.

But the show is moving so damn slowly that I can't even get excited to watch it. Each week, you hope they're going to shine some light on the main mystery.

"Maybe we'll find out if there really are aliens this time!"

"Maybe we'll find out what the ultimate objective is!"

42 minutes later, the credits are rolling and the storyline has managed to double back on you, putting you right back where you started. It's not following the Lost/X-Files "answer some questions, only to open up brand new questions" model of storytelling. It's just not answering any questions, period.

Each week, I say to myself "I'll give it one more week."

I think this time I mean it. Invasion, you've got one more week.