Random Job-related Stuff 

Now that I don't work there anymore, I can point to this other blog I created/wrote for: http://www.gildblog.com. I think it came out ok, considering I know nothing about the "leadership development" field. But, considering I don't think anyone else in the company did either, maybe that's not surprising.

WebMailCompose is a fantastic Firefox extension. Now I can click on mailto: links and have them pop open a Gmail compose window. Quite handy when you're job hunting on craigslist.

Speaking of job hunting, I'm not really sure what I want to do. But I've found some interesting stuff out there, so maybe I'll get lucky. In the meantime, I'm probably going to try to get my blog to come up first when you search for me via google. Or at least close to first. So I'll throw a link into myself: Ryan Toohil.